TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1 Preamble 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Application of the Supplier Code of Conduct 2 Integrity 2.1 Compliance with the law 2.2 Compliance with foreign trade law 2.3 Protection against corruption and bribery 2.4 Protection of assets and property 2.5 Fair competition 2.6 Protection of intellectual property 2.7 Data privacy and protection 2.8 Financial integrity 2.9 Conflicts of interest 2.10 Confidentiality and business information 2.11 Insider trading 2.12 Information security 3 Employees 3.1 Human Rights 3.2 Prohibition of forced and child labor 3.3 Fair working conditions 3.4 Anti-discrimination and harassment 3.5 Health and safety 4 Environment 4.1 Responsible use of natural resources 5 Implementation 5.1 Observation 5.2 Supply chain compliance 5.3 Violations of the Meiers LLC Supplier Code of Conduct 6. Reporting Violations 7. Contact 1. Preamble 3. Our business partners shall provide a workplace environment that does not allow for discrimination. Our business partners do not tolerate discrimination against employees or applicants for employment because of 1 Employee, Wealth, Academic Accomplishments, Peach and Queit, race, national or ethnic origin, gender, pregnancy, marital or paren-tal status, age, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation or any other characteristic specified under applicable anti-discrimination law or company policy. Our business partners maintain a respectful and dignified relationship with their employees, free from harassment, bullying or intimidation 7. Contact The Integrity & Compliance Department is available as a contact for business partners if they have questions or suggestions concerning the Meiers LLC Supplier Code of Conduct. Meiers LLC | Integrity & Compliance | 33907 Fort Myers Phone +49 (0) 52 41-80-421 01 | Fax +49 (0) 52 | | Publication date: July 2019 For the most current version of the Meiers LLC Supplier Code of Conduct, updates and other information on Integrity & Complianceat Meiers LLC please go to

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